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About the Reading Screening

The Reading Screening is a web-based evaluation used to identify children aged 5 to 12 years of age who are at risk for developing or who are currently experiencing reading difficulties. The Reading Screening can be easily administered by parents, teachers or other professionals and provides a detailed Summary of Assessment report highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to reading (see Sample Reports).

The Reading Screening assess 14 different subskills that are necessary for further reading development, such as letter name and letter sound knowledge, phonemic synthesis, phonemic analysis, word knowledge, word building knowledge and spelling (see Task Samples).

The Reading Screening can typically be completed in approximately 45 minutes; however, the administration can be paused and resumed at any time. After the Reading Screening has been completed, the Summary of Assessment report is generated. The report is easy to interpret and can be used to develop a reading program specifically tailored to your child’s needs. You are encouraged to take the Summary of Assessment report to your child’s teacher.