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Reading Screening

Reading Screening

This site is used to identify children who have reading problems. Signs that children need to be assessed with the Reading Screening:

  • 1. they read very poorly.
  • 2. they avoid reading.
  • 3. they sound out the first part of a word and then guess the rest of it.
  • 4. they take so long to read a sentence that they do not know what they just read.
  • 5. their parents think that they have dyslexia.

The Reading Screening provides an at-risk score that will let you know if your child has a reading difficulty.

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New to Reading Screening

If you are a new visitor and would like to use the Reading Screening services,

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Need More Information?

Need more information

If you would like to know more about the Reading Screening please use the following links FAQ, Comments/Questions form or email.