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Reading Help for Children: Assessment Tools for Reading

We offer superior reading help for kids through proven assessment tools. This reading comprehension Website will help your child figure out where he or she needs to focus their energy to be better readers. Other reading tests online say they are the best but don’t back up these claims with tried and true research. has the reading assessment and comprehension tools to help any child figure out where to turn next. With our Website, kids are armed with the tools to obtain superior reading skills. We have the right reading comprehension and assessment tools to make a difference in your child’s life today!

Reading Tests Online: Testimonials About

I was told during a parent-teacher conference that my second-grade daughter would be placed in a remedial reading class. I was shocked. This would entail my daughter being taken out of class 30 minutes a day for remedial reading instruction. I used the Reading Screening to get a "second opinion" and discovered that my daughter was not only not having reading difficulties, but that she was actually performing at a very high level. Additional assessment discovered that my daughter actually had ADHD and that this was the root of the difficulties that her teacher and school counselor were observing. I was able to use the report at my daughter's school. I am so grateful that I had the Reading Screening assessment. My daughter is now getting the help that she really needs rather than being in a class that has nothing to do with her attention difficulties.

—Anonymous, Parent

The Reading Screening has been very helpful to me in assisting my child to become a better reader. The information that is provided with the Reading Screening helped to identify the specific areas that my child needed additional assistance. Since we live close to the Center for the Assessment and Remediation of Reading Difficulties, we have also been able to utilize the intervention services. My child is now becoming a much better reader. I attribute the Reading Screening and then the training programs offered at the CARRD for these improvements.

—Julie Richey, Parent