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About CARRD, Inc.

CARRD, Inc. is nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping individuals who have reading difficulties/dyslexia become competent readers through research, assessment and intervention strategies. Its mission includes:

  • The prevention and remediation of reading difficulties
  • Search for strategies that improve remedial processes
  • Provide educators and parents with current and appropriate knowledge regarding reading disabilities
  • Provide interdisciplinary evaluations of readers of all ages
  • Provide the concerns relevant to reading disabilities
  • Educate the general public regarding reading disabilities

CARRD, Inc. provides assessment and intervention programs for individuals who have or who believe that they might have reading difficulties/dyslexia.

Individuals of all ages are welcome at CARRD, Inc. CARRD, Inc. has assisted young children through adults master reading. All individuals receive one-on-one remedial phonological processing and reading instruction. The CARRD, Inc. provides a full assessment that includes the assessment of reading, its subskills and attention (ADHD) and offers tutoring services for those individuals who qualify. Once an individual is identified as at-risk for reading difficulties, a detailed plan is developed to target remediation.

Funds generated from the site help to support CARRD, Inc.

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