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Reading Screening: Instructions

Before administering the Reading Screening, please read the information and instructions below.

The Reading Screening can be administered to children between the ages of 5 and 12 years. It is comprised of 14 tasks. Specific administration instructions are provided at the beginning of each task. It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the entire assessment; however, the assessment can be paused and resumed as needed.

The Reading Screening is designed to identify children with reading difficulties; thus, some of the tasks may be difficult for your child. To prevent your child from becoming overly frustrated, the Reading Screening will discontinue a task if he or she misses five consecutive items. Please be patient with your child! Make sure that you accurately represent your child’s efforts and do not become overly concerned with his or her performance.

It is also important that you do not assist your child with any portion of the assessment. If assistance is provided, an accurate depiction of your child’s abilities cannot be obtained. If administered in an unbiased, supportive environment, the Reading Screening will help you determine the best way to help your child become a competent reader.

Before completing the Reading Screening, please make sure that the environment is comfortable and distraction-free. You will read the instructions on the computer, and your child should be sitting near the computer. For the first half of the Reading Screening, your child should not view the computer screen. During the second half of the administration, your child should view the computer screen and respond accordingly.

If your child needs a break, you can pause the Reading Screening and return to it later. Please remember your user name and password, as you will need them each time you login to the Reading Screening.

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